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1-MAMMA MIA! (2008)

One of the most popular movies about Greece, Mamma Mia!, is set in Skopelos.

The film was set on the fictional island of Kalokairi. Mamma Mia! was shot on the island of Skopelos in the summertime.

Mamma Mia! is concerning a musical by the same title that debuted on the period in 1999.

The musical included tunes from ABBA throughout the duration and had ABBA members Benny Andersson prepare the excess audio used.


Mamma Mia! is a passionate comedy that’s enjoyable and uplifting about a teenage girl who invites three guests to her island wedding, assured of learning who’s her father.

It’s a must-see for ABBA fans and people who miss a Greece high in blue seas, sunlight, and bright sandy beaches.

2- BOY ON A DOLPHIN (1957)

A panoramic view of the port of Hydra on Hydra island in Attica, where several movies about Greece have been filmed.

Kid on a Dolphin is an American adventure-romance film that’s that is defined in Greece.

The history centers around Sophia Loren, acting in her first film in British as Phaedra, who’s a diver from Hydra, the Greek Island. Hydra.


This lovely island is situated located in the Aegean Sea. Their title is because of the numerous organic springs on the island.

There is mythology within the Greek classic.

Phaedra finds an image of the boy on a dolphin near the bottom of the ocean.


A battle between an archaeologist who needs the statue to get to the people of Hydra and a traditional vendor that’s exclusively enthusiastic about income happens, But who will be the champion?


Aerial drone view video of the colorful traditional fishing village of Assos on the island of Cefalonia in Greece where a number of movies on Greece have been shot.

Leader Corelli’s Mandolin is a film based on a book written by English author Louis de Bernieres.

The film and the book get put on the picturesque Island Cephalonia during WWII. German as well as the German occupation throughout WWII.

The film follows the living of a fisherman and his partner who fall in love having a German commander following he leaves to be able to protect Greece.


To ensure the task was correct, de Bernieres talked to island people and visited frequently.

Precisely the same treatment and precision were placed on the film that will be however acknowledged though it was set in the 1940s.

4- ARCADIA LOST (2010)

Moni Timiou Prodromou monastery in the mountains of Arcadia is a mysterious place where a movie about Greece was filmed.

Arcadia Missing can be defined as an American Dilemma set in a tiny community named Poulithra located in the Arcadia place of Greece.

The film follows two kids trapped in central Greece because of a car accident.


When the teenagers encounter, an American ex-pat referred to as Banerji, They mind for holy Install Parnonas looking mystic waters.

Arcadia Missing explores more of rural Greece through its venues. Nevertheless, it’s full of sources on Greece’s history.

Displays shot in Poulithra are among the most lovely moments from the film, thanks to the cliff-side homes surrounded by natural and rocky cliffs and, of course, the shining ocean.


5- MY LIFE IN RUINS (2009)

The Acropolis of Athens has starred in many movies made about Greece.

My Living in Ruins is a passionate comedy set in an old ruin in Greece.

The history is based on Nia Vardalos, the celebrity of My Huge Fat Greek Wedding, as an excursion leader in Greece.

Her life as a person gets an odd pose when hilarious circumstances arise for tourists and her as they journey about the most famous Greek ruins.

The most famous Greek landmarks have presented the film, like the Parthenon, which provides the period for a strange fight between a tour guide who’s a competitor and the number of Nia.


This is the movie to select if you like an approach that’s more pleasurable to films set in Greece and includes a level of historical landmarks to give you a great dose.


A young happy couple on Voulisma beach, which is a stunning location where a few movies about Greece were filmed.

Michael Cacoyannis wrote, made edited, and focused on Zorba, the Greek. The Greek may be the Greek comedy-drama.

The Greek film is based on an authentic story from 1946 called”Living and Occasions of Alexis Zorba, “Which Nikos Kazantzakis constructed.

British-Greek author Basil is now an excellent British gentleman in the film.


He trips to Crete, the Greek Island. Crete to restore the lignite mine held by the daddy of his.

When he trips to Crete on his way, he comes across the fanatic Zorba.

While both tourists go to the island together and work as a team, they result in strange circumstances with persons residing there.


Despite the numerous heights and lows of the film, it stops with a gorgeous routine with Zorba alongside Basil dance on the most lovely shores of Greek beaches.

It’s a fantastic work of art that showcases the wonder on the island.


Nafplio old city is a beautiful spot on the Peloponnese peninsula and the perfect place to shoot a greek movie.

Before Night is part of the Before trilogy, it’s the 3rd payment following Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

The history follows the couple Jessee and Celine while they use their children to Greece.


The majority of the movie is defined in The Peloponnese peninsula.

While, as with its predecessors, having deficiencies in a story, with most of the action involving persons having conversations, the film stars the lovely landscape of the peninsula.

8- THE BIG BLUE (1988)

Lakes Beach on the Alonissos Islands is a beautiful spot that deserves to feature in movies about Greece.

Though it is not only situated on the shores of Greece, The Huge Blue is sure to make you look at serene blue waters.

The Huge Blue is defined in Peru, Sicily, France, and the Greek Islands.


The film follows two champion deep-water free divers, close friends, and rivals.

The film is outstanding in its rawness and emotional intensity. Hold your eyes start for a moment shot on the Greek Island Alonissos.

The island is rural and only available via ferry.


Their individuality is apparent in their deep blue seas full of remarkable underwater life.

Whoever has observed The Huge Blue before maneuvering to Greece will be influenced to get snorkeling or scuba diving equipment to watch this phenomenal place for themselves.


Meteora in Greece is a jaw-dropping destination that has featured in several Greek movies.

The film stars Roger Moore as the renowned MI6 agent David Connect. For Your Eyes Only was shot between Britain, Italy, and Greece.

The history revolves around Connect, looking for the missile order system.


Having a Greek businessman attaching his hand to the complicated internet of deceit and a lady who attempts revenge over the demise of her parents, This Connect common has everything.

Places for recording composed by Meteora as well as Achilleion. In Meteora, a Greek bishop permitted moments to be shot in monasteries, to the monks’ surprise.

Although the Greek places presented in the film aren’t enormous, their appearance on the monitor undoubtedly improves the wanderlust of those looking to discover the country.



Santorini at sunset. The stunning spot is the star of quite a few movies on Greece.

Angelina Jolie results as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Holder of Life. The film happens on Santorini, the island situated in the Aegean Sea.

After an earthquake hit the Island, The Luna Forehead is discovered.

It had been built in the year Alexander the Good to keep his riches, and this brow was robbed from the within by Croft and her men.

A competitor team appears, and a fatal struggle is fought.


After She escapes from the fight, Croft is approached by MI6 to search for Pandora’s box. It’s located in the Holder of Life. Nevertheless, Croft must discover it before her rivals get it.

The film is defined in Africa, China and Greece, and China. The moments situated on the islands of Santorini are precisely how we visualize prize hunts in a country as rich in records as Greece.


Knossos palace is a gem from the Minoan civilisation and has been featured in historical movies about Greece.

The Two Encounters of January is a fascinating action film set in 1962. It had been shot in Greece in the Mediterranean and Turkey.

Like every great thriller with a 60s setting, The Two Encounters of January is a history of three heroes, a so-called conman and his partner, and one American who has retreated along with his parents and looked to scams that can be inexpensive on tourists.


While the history twists, converts, and heroes get engaged in scams, deceit, and killings, the market receives gorgeous photos of Crete’s money city Irklion and extraordinary destroys at Acropolis and Knossos.


Mykonos is a famous island where some of the best movies about Greece have been shot.

Greek films Mykonos in the streets Mykonos

Mykonos is just a well-known area that has been the place for a few of the best films about Greece were made.

Shirley Valentine was recorded in the area of Mykonos. The location is idyllic, dotted with white homes with azure heavens and wealthy white houses.


The film shows Shirley’s history, a housewife in disarray who trips to the area searching for herself. She comes in love with the island.

The area has experienced significant development in readers due to the film.

For romantic knowledge on your own, visit Ai Giannis because of its seaside bars and eateries.


13- HIGH SEASON (1987)

Fortress on the Mandraki harbour of Rhodes, where this Greek comedy was shot.

best greek movies

The fortress at the Mandraki harbor in Rhodes Rhodes, the place where was the place for this Greek humor was filmed.

English enjoy history Large Period is placed on the Greek area of Rhodes and functions a modern number of characters.

The time of the main character’s nine years in the area is spaced but focuses on the relationship between Kath and Patrick, the couple who divorced and are still on the islands.


As history develops and the nine main heroes become involved in the lives of every different, the fantastic placing of Rhodes completes the English relationship, rendering it right into a must-watch before going to Greece.

14- OPA! (2009)

Patmos Island on the Katun River is the backdrop for this movie about ancient Greece.

Movies on Greece

Patmos Area on the Katun Lake acts as the backdrop for this film about the natural history of Greece.

Opa! is located upon the islands of Patmos.


In the film, archaeologist Eric finds an exceptionally significant artifact that might be hidden under a cafe worked by the lady in his fantasies, Katerina.

As the heroes research the world of archaeology, record, and the search for enjoyment, people are carried to a romantic corner of Greece high in age-old questions in addition to peaceful blue seas and picturesque coastal towns.

15- THE 300 SPARTANS (1962)

The ancient temple of Hera near Perachora village, where this historical movie to watch about Greece was set.

Greek mythology and mythology films on Netflix

The brow that was when a part of Hera near Perachora town, that is where that film about Greece was made.


300 Spartans were killed within the city of Perachora, located in Peloponnese.

The filmmakers acquired permission from The Greek government to take advantage of the town since the recording location.

The film follows the journeys of 300 Spartans during their impressive battle against the countless force of Persians.


As the film advances and tensions mount between rivals, Perachora’s 60s-era opinions give just a sense of wanderlust to the viewers.

16- TROY (2004)

Trojan horses have featured in several good movies about ancient Greece. This Trojan horse, however, is in Canakkale in Turkey.

greek movies trojan horse in Canakkale chicken

Trojan horses have already been highlighted in numerous excellent films about the natural history of ancient Greece. This Trojan horse is situated in Canakkale within Turkey.

Once you think of Greece and its incredible number of destroys and mythology, Troy is obviously at the surface of the list.


The 2004 remake of the film is just a significant undertaking, freely based onto it freely from the Iliad written by Homer. The film focuses on the decade-long Trojan war and the people, which can be shown within the Iliad.

Although the film doesn’t occur in Greece and with plenty of it being shot on a massive set made about the islands located in Malta, Troy is still valued to see before planning a trip to Greece.

The film condenses an entire decade of war into only some weeks. It lets the audience gain information into certainly one of Greece’s most important and practical stories of its past.


17- ALEXANDER (2004)

Statue of Alexander the Great

Movies Greece Statue of Alexander the Good

Statue of Alexander the Good

Alexander is just a 3-time impressive film that stories Alexander’s life. Alexander the Great.

The film functions gorgeous costumes made from Old Greece and some familiar names from Old Greek writings.


However, nothing from Alexander’s recording took place in Greece, and nearly all of the recording was performed in Thailand.

This impressive film looks at another of many distinguished warriors of them all and is a must for proper who are thinking about Old Greece and the landmarks presently in the destruction that need to be discovered. This film mustn’t be missed.


Translating into A Feel of Spruce, Politiki Kouzina is a Greek film prepared and directed by Tassos Boulmetis.


The history is emotional and follows an instructor remembering his youth growing up in the Greek town of Istanbul.

Following deportation and riots, the character Fanis’s problems modify to the newest life in Greece.

This film is just a moving overview of Greece’s turbulent record and the influence it has had on its people, who feel nostalgic for yesteryear but hopeful for the future.


19- CHEAP SMOKES (2000)

Athens skyline sunset viewed from Mt Lykavitos. The city has been the star of many movies about Greece on Netflix and online.

Greek film line in the town of Athens

Athens skyline, as seen from Support Lykavitos. This city is highlighted in the backdrop of several films linked to Greece and Greece on Netflix and online.

Filmed in Athens in summertime weeks, Cheap Cigarettes is just a Greek solid film that shouldn’t be overlooked when planning a trip to Greece.

We follow Nikos, a writer who’s out of work, and Sophia Fashion stylist, who gets together in the quiet of the Night on an intercom.


It follows the two during the Night as they talk together and examine what path their lives may find a way to.

In the film, despite occurring in Athens at Night, the romanticism and awe of the town are evident on the screen.

20- THE OTHER ME (2016)

Map of the regions of Greece.

Films about Greece

The map shows the many parts of Greece.


The film that has triggered controversy on the discharge time has been dubbed The Different Me. Sotiris Tsafoulias helmed The Different Me, an offense film.

The plan is affected by Pythagoras’ amicable numbers. The goal is based on the proven fact that serial murderers use 220 as their contact cards.

Teacher of Criminology Dimitris Lainis is named to aid the police in capturing the perpetrator before he any longer is killed.


The film is powerful and is placed in various places across Greece.

The film has strong connections to Greece’s mathematical record; it was drawn from theatres after the death of a taxi driver who was believed to possess been a motivation for the movie.

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These are 5 tips to dramatically increase your chances of winning the lottery.



People who play the lottery trust their lucky numbers. Creating a strategy and charting past winning numbers can greatly increase your chances of winning. The pattern of winning numbers will be obvious over the past ten to15 games. Although it’s impossible for anyone to predict every winning number, you can win free tickets, or 3 and 4, and your chances of hitting the big one are many times greater.

People have spent hundreds of dollars on one draw in a large lottery. Because the numbers are random, they are not increasing their chances of winning. These 5 tips will dramatically increase your chances of winning the lottery, and you only need to spend a few dollars.


1 How to Lower the Odds

Play lower odds games like 5-35 instead 6-49. This will lower your chances of winning by millions. There are more winners in smaller games than in large ones. It is easier to win $100,000 in PowerBall than to win Millions.

2 Balancing Your Numbers

Don’t use any odd numbers or even numbers. Also, don’t use numbers in the teens, 20s, and 30s. Balance your numbers. A sequence of doubles and triples can be used, but you should not use more than one casino siteleri. Rarely does a triple number appear, like 23-24-25? However, it has happened. Because there is a lotto draw pattern, you want to follow away. You want to make sure you have equal numbers.

3 Hot and Cold Numbers

Go back to 10 to 15 games to check how many times a particular number has been drawn. The hitters are usually the hot numbers. You will notice the pattern in pick 5. They come out as three even, two odd, three odd, and two equal. You will need to choose your numbers using that pattern.


4 No Quick Pick Please

Please don’t buy a quick pick ticket. They are usually not winners, and it is all luck. Another rule of thumb: Don’t use your favorite numbers (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Keep following the same pattern.

5 Use the Same Numbers

You want to keep the same numbers. It could be a winner with three numbers this week, but it could also be the winner with four numbers next week or all six numbers. The numbers you have been using will still hit the jackpot no matter how many times you change them. All you have to do is fill in your tickets once. Continue to play. You won’t be able to stop playing for a few weeks. Your numbers will start hitting around that time. I know several people who did this.

You must have a plan if you want to be able to win the lottery. Picking random numbers doesn’t work. Follow the five tips I have given, and you won’t need to spend much money. You can dramatically increase your chances of winning the lottery by charting your numbers.


You can type in your lottery name online, and it will display a list of all past winners. You should use the same numbers. If you change your numbers, the old numbers will still hit.

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Who is Nikki Majors, the Actress?



Who is Nikki Majors, the Actress?

Everything You Need to Know About the Actress

This actress from Los Angeles might be familiar to you, or perhaps you were a fan of her films. This is Nikki Majors, the famed actress and model best known for her roles in films such as P.S.I. Love You (1991), and Keaton’s Cop (1990). Lee Majors’ ex-model wife, Karen Velez, is the mother of Nikki Majors. Lee Majors is proud to have had many marriages and relationships. Nikki Majors is one of three siblings.

  • Lee Majors Jr. was the son of Kathy Robinson and Lee Majors Jr.
  • Two twins, Trey Kelley, and Dane Luke Kelley were born to Lee Majors & Karen Velez.

Nikki Majors was raised in a constant spotlight. Her father was an actor, and she was always in the media spotlight, just like her twin brothers. Similar to her brother, her father was a famous actor. She decided to follow his career path. Her acting skills, which her father passed on to her, make her famous. Her good looks are a hallmark of her inheritance from her mother, a well-known model. Since childhood, Nikki Majors has been passionately involved in modeling, fashion, and acting. She decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and make working her career after she had completed her education.

Nikki Majors Biography

Who is Nikki Majors, the Actress?

According to reports, Nikki Majors was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 15, 1988. She is currently 33 years old, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She follows Christianity. She is an American citizen by birth and an actress by trade. She is the biological child of Lee Majors, Karen Velez. She stands 5′ 4″ tall and is 50 kg. She began her career as a model but later moved into the showbiz business, where she established her own brand. She is an accomplished actress and well-known for her work. Nikki Majors is a famous actress in the film industry.

Although there are many memorable moments that the actress has created, her most well-known work is in PS I Luv You. She is very private and rarely makes herself known to the world. Her personal life is not known except that she is married. Other than that, nobody knows the names of her children. Her beauty is well-known. She has beautiful brown hair and eyes. Because of their excellent genes, she is believed to have inherited the stunning looks of her father and mother.

Nikki Majors family

Nikki Majors was raised in the United States with her family and friends. She is the daughter of Lee Majors and Karen Velez. She is the youngest of three siblings and leads a quiet, silent lifestyle. Other than this, no additional information is available about her siblings.


Personal life of Nikki Majors

Personal life: Nikki Majors is married. However, it is unknown whether she has any children or a husband. She is not active on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. We know that she is happy and doing well in her personal life. We don’t know much about her boyfriend. She is very private and doesn’t share much of her life online.

Nikki Majors’ net worth

Nikki Majors’ net worth is estimated at $1-5 million. This includes all the money she has earned acting and modeling. Although she doesn’t have much, her modeling contracts are well-known, and her a beautiful smile. Her acting passion makes her worth much more. She is a famous entertainer in the film industry and is best known for her role in PS I Luv You.

Roman Anthony Villency and Nikki Majors

Roman and Nikki are both star children born to star parents who played an essential role in the film industry. They aren’t related. Roman is a child at heart, while Nikki is an adult well-known for her incredible work in Hollywood. They are not related to anyone else, apart from being part of a prominent family.


Nikki Majors Summary

  • Name: Nikki Majors
  • Real Name: Nikki Loren Majors
  • Profession: Actress
  • Date of birth: February 15, 1988
  • Age: 33 by 2021
  • Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
  • American Nationality

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Every Educational Mario Game, Ranked




Every Educational Mario Game, Ranked Although video games were intended to distract from school, Mario did have his fair share.

Gaming shouldn’t be used as a distraction from school. Yet, the market for educational video games is flooded. Mario, Nintendo’s mascot, has appeared in learning-themed titles designed to make education more fun.


Mario is Missing, other SNES titles, and DOS classics like Mario, Teaches Typing brought together the world’s entertainment and education. Although only a few Mario educational titles were ever made, others were actual games. Others are only remembered as “cynical cash-ins” on the Nintendo license.

3 Super Mario Bros. & Friends – When I Grow Up (1992).


Although early PC games were simple in design, they could do more than what was shown in Super Mario Bros. & Friends. The game was essentially a digital coloring book. Users could color images of familiar Nintendo characters in scenes that depicted different jobs, both mundane and uncommon.

It offers little education and is not exceptionally well-designed for a computer game of the early 1990s. The game’s colors are limited by the graphical capabilities of computers of that time. Also, the Nintendo characters are bland and uninspired. Each image is accompanied by a small animation and information about the career. The game isn’t bad, but it feels lacking in the Nintendo mascots.


1 Mario’s Game Gallery (1995).


Mario’s Game Gallery was content to bring the industry back to its Stone Age roots, even though the most innovative games of the 1990s were challenging boundaries. The game features the title character, who interacts with users and plays against them in a series of 5 ubiquitous card and board games.

The game features Mario as an afterthought and helps teach younger players how they can play the games within. It was widely praised as a game that appealed to its intended audience at the time, but others complained about the loss of potential from the Mario license. Nintendo has been a marketing machine since its inception, but gamers immediately recognized Mario’s game gallery as a cynical cash grab that harmed Mario’s brand.

2 Mario’s Early Years (1994)


Mario’s Early Years! was released as a trio of games in the last months of 1994. A variety of early education topics were covered. The trilogy addressed the youngest possible gamers, focusing on essential reading, number skills, and more complex subjects in the final game.


You have the option to choose from one of three characters. Nevertheless, they do not require being able to identify themselves from each other. Each of the three games can be broken down into islands, each with its themes and mini-games that reflect the overall theme. It features many familiar characters from Mario’s mythos and attempts to conform to Nintendo’s standard visuals. It is unfair to judge an early education game on the quality and popularity of other games, but it does appear that it has the educational aspects right.

3Mario Teaches Typing (1992)

Mario Teaches Typing, developed by Interplay and approved by Nintendo, is most notable for Charles Martinet’s debut as the voice actor for Mario. It was designed to help players learn how to type and included a series of mini-games that helped them place their fingers correctly on the keyboard.

Unlike other cynical games, Mario Teaches Typing was able to integrate familiar Mario imagery into its gameplay. You navigate levels that look like the classic Mario games. Then you use your typing skills to help your favorite player defeat enemies and get across the stage. Although it isn’t as thrilling as Mario games, Teaches Typing had pleasing graphics and an approximate representation of Nintendo’s trademark style.


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