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Ten Latina Bloggers to Watch This Year



10 Latina Bloggers You Should Be Watching This Year

Here’s why you ought to be maintaining a watch on these ten Latina bloggers.

It would take several weeks, if not months, to list all Latina bloggers and influencers worth following. These are not the only ones to read. Many others cover a wide range of topics and issues. They come from all walks of life and all walks of the spectrum. These people were chosen for subjective reasons. Their spark, energy, mission, and the fact that they might not have been on other lists, are all factors that have been considered. You may be following some of them but not know they are Latina.


These are 10 Latina bloggers who are worth your attention in 2022. Here are 10 Latina bloggers worth your attention in 2022.

Maya Murillo (22 years old) is a Mexican American in Phoenix.

Photo courtesy of of Maya Murillo.Maya Murillo

Maya Murillo, an up-and-coming blogger, vlogger, and influencer, is Maya Cano-Murillo. Some may recognize her as’s daughter, Kathy Cano-Murillo. She hopes to inspire and entertain her audience to live in this moment.

I try to make my viewers laugh or maintain a positive attitude through my videos. I need to give my viewers a “takeaway,” meaning something that will positively impact their day.


You can follow her on Instagram, SnapchatChat, Vine, Vine, YouTube, and Facebook under the handle @MayaInTheMoment

She is a great leader and gives her time and energy to her fans. I wanted to know what blogging and video blogging (video blogging) has given her.

“Making videos has given me confidence. It’s essential to be strong and confident about yourself, despite the many hateful/trolls you can find on the Internet.


She advises young influencers not to dwell on one negative commenter but to concentrate on the support followers.

Soe Kabbabe 26. Venezuelan, based out of Miami, Florida

Photo courtesy of Soe Kabbabe.Soe Kabbabe

Soe Kabbabe, a mom and journalist, wants moms to be the best versions of themselves. Mama Beaute, her Spanish-language website Mama Beaute, is all about motherhood’s bright side and feeling more beautiful each day, despite the challenges.

Mama Beaute will continue to provide sneak peeks at Latina celebrity parents for readers this year.


Soe states, “We don’t publish gossip or cast shade on celebs.”

Soe lost her mother early to cancer. Writing and publishing online have helped her get over this loss.

It has brought me people and connections. It also helped me to find my purpose and myself, which is to empower women. My mother would be proud to see what I have done since her death.


Rocio Mora, 28. Honduran and Mexican lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Photo courtesy of Rocío Mora.Rocío Mora

Rocio’s blog and YouTube channel are bilingual and cater to curly-haired women who can speak English and Spanish. RisasRizos encourages curls to embrace their natural hair.

She is going one step further this year by hosting Q&As with readers looking for hair-care tips in both English and French. She has many DIY and beaute videos for those who want to be more natural in their skin, hair, and body health.

What is her favorite thing about her online journey?


“It has given me the chance to do something for the natural curl community of Latinas who struggle to accept and embrace curls.”

Denisse Montalvan, 36. Costa Rican and Nicaraguans are both based in Los Angeles.

Photo courtesy of Denisse Montalvan.Rick Heath / Denisse Montalvan

Her site’s unique purpose is to encourage others to be kind and find everyday opportunities to do good. So that she and her team can make bracelets from recycled materials, she encourages women who have lost their earrings and unused jewelry to give them to her. The proceeds go to support arts and crafts, school supplies, and food for more than 300 orphans in Latin America.

Through The Orphaned earrings, Denisse continues to show how even seemingly small efforts can make a difference in the lives of orphaned kids.


Denisse states, “I will continue helping put smiles on people’s faces, feed their stomachs, and inspire them to join the social-good movement.”

She finds great satisfaction in blogging and the digital world.

“It has allowed me to find meaning in my life and know that I am here for a purpose. I have also met incredible, supportive friends along the journey!”


Maria Jose Ovalle, 37, Chilean, is based in Washington, DC, and Alexandria, Virginia.

Headshot of María José Ovalle.María José Ovalle

Maria Jose’s blog is about personal style, beaute, motherhood, and humor. She believes all women should feel and look their best, regardless of size or budget.

“I share my life story, the good and the bad. This is real life!

Maria Jose has many things going on this year. She is pursuing an acting career, building her blog, and expecting her third baby. There’s no reason moms shouldn’t be able to have it all.


She says blogging and vlogging have given her “an awakening in my creativity that was never possible!” It led me to take up acting, something I had been doing for many years. It has allowed me to create my own business and be part of a group of like-minded women.”

Jennifer Patricia Priest, 38. Based in Hesperia (California), the company comprises Native American, Mexican and white people.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Patricia Priest.Jennifer Patricia Priest

Her blog contains clever and practical DIY tips that can be used in every aspect of modern life. These include recipes, gardening, home improvement, crafts, and even home improvement. Everything she makes must have a purpose.

Jennifer says, “It can be beautiful and taste great, but it must also go one step further by being useful.”


Since 2013, she has been making a living in the craft industry as a designer and manufacturer. She is now offering online classes.

She loves the digital world because of the relationships and freedom they offer her.

“I cannot say one thing. They all go hand in hand. Blogging has allowed me to make great friends and helped me develop great relationships. These relationships lead me to work, and I can live the life that I choose. Blogging has helped me feel confident that I won’t have to work for anyone else again.


Elizabeth Nunez A.K.A. MizLiz, a 41-year-old Mexican American from the 1st generation, is based in Los Angeles.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Nunez.Elizabeth Nunez

BBWGeneration stands for Brave Beautiful Wonderful Generation. It aims to empower, love, and be aware of oneself. Elizabeth includes her teen photography and her family’s humanitarian work and embraces beauty and fashion as a plus-size Latina.

Elizabeth says, “As a single mom, I help others make things happen on a small budget.”

Her blog is unique in that she will expand the boundaries of plus-size fashion into cosplay this year. This is a performance art in which participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to portray fictional characters.


Elizabeth has faced many challenges in her life, including being homeless. Her determination and drive to succeed have been strengthened by blogging.

“My blog has helped me connect with thousands of people who… find strength through my family’s work and experience. My blog helped me become the woman I am today. It forced me beyond my limits. “Now, I see the world through my children’s eyes.”

Rachel Matos (42) is a Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian based in Pasadena.


Photo courtesy of Rachel Matos.Rachel Matos

TheArtMuse is a blog that showcases photography for women who want to create a life and work that is creative and inspiring.

This blog features attainable style, branding tips, and lots of art that will inspire us to create, dream, and inspire others.

Rachel, a former museum professional and visual storytelling expert is applying all she has learned to social media. Follow these steps to learn how to tell visually compelling stories to help you grow your blog or brand.

Rachel claims her blog has allowed her to unleash her creativity.


“Blogging has allowed me to stretch my creative wings, and I have nurtured my son’s life in more ways than I could ever imagine.”

Veronica Cervera (43), Cuban, is based in Miami, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Verónica Cervera.Rainy Silvestre / Verónica Cervera

Veronica posts Spanish-language recipes on her blog. She is particularly proud of Cuban-inspired recipes. She enjoys giving everything she cooks Latin flavor and wants her recipes to be simple and easy to prepare. Her first book, La Cocina Cubana de Vero, was published recently. She hopes to translate it into English very soon.

She will explore Cuban Fusion Cuisine this year to create new and delicious recipes for the blog.


She quickly names the best thing she has seen on her blog.

“My book! It was an idea of one of my social media followers. It’s in print now, and I am delighted with the warm reception it has received from my readers.

Claudia Martinez (44), Mexican American, is in San Francisco.


Photo courtesy of Claudya Martinez.Claudya Martinez

Claudia believes life is a multicultural do-it-yourself dramedy. Her blog is the same.

Unknown Mammy is a place where you can laugh, cry, create, and sometimes share your frustrations. She celebrates, encourages, and embraces diversity. You won’t miss her weekly commentary, “The Flying Chancla Report,” on Latino news.

She reminds her readers to have big dreams (Wednesday wishes), to enjoy their surroundings (Sundays in My City), to keep them updated on what they are doing (The Flying Chancla Report), and to find the humor in all things.

Claudia, once a fan of stand-up comedy, has found that blogging has changed her whole life.


“Blogging helped me realize that even though it is easy to feel lost, insignificant, and helpless in a world that can be overwhelming, my voice matters, it can resonate, and I have a responsibility for sharing my perspective.”

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7 Essential Calendar Management Skills (Save Hours Of Work Every Day!)



7 Essential Calendar Management Skills (Save Hours Of Work Every Day!)

Do you possess your calendar like a manager? If not, then read on.

You drudge, drudge, and then drudge some more without really putting effort into the thing that can make or break success – efficient time management.

Listed here are 7 ways to assist you in making sure you work smart (and indeed not hard) –


If you’re an executive, consultant, or business owner, you understand your task-to-time ratio is crucial.

The shift from offline meetings or conferences to virtual setups has certainly not reduced the number of such arrangements. Actually, with the attendance of such meetings becoming possible from literally any part of the world (thanks to the democratization of live video meetings), their number has only substantially increased.

For all 8 working hours in the day, how will you balance and streamline your work without adversely affecting your productivity and health?


This is often where calendar management makes the picture.

We’ve got 7 steps for you to get the absolute most out of your day – using calendar management.

What is Calendar Management?

What is Calendar Management?

Calendar management is a cognitive skill very few have mastered. It is the process of applying priority management and time management to optimize your calendar. It depends on understanding where your time is best spent and then planning your calendar accordingly. Some project managers use an online calendar planner, and many use other planning tools.


You almost certainly already know what tasks your work involves, whether you’re a consultant, business owner, executive, marketer, doctor, lawyer, or anything else. Maybe you’re already using Outlook or Google Calendar to track your appointments.

But when you’re just accepting any available task or meeting and randomly scheduling it somewhere in the week, you’re probably wasting hours every day. Often managed by an assistant, calendar management is a procedure of planning out the series of work for an executive or self.

Whether it’s called scheduling a meeting or any other essential tasks, delegation is another helpful skill independent of proper scheduling. For example, you can delegate a number of the paperwork to the assistants and pay for papers instead of spending your time on them.


7 Essential Calendar Management Skills

1. Pick Your Calendar Management Tool – A Physical Organizer Or An App

Choosing the perfect organizer yourself is critical.

A book with sticky notes might work for some, while others might have a penchant for a digital calendar app!

Although the tactility of an accurate calendar or organizer is quite simple – it comes at a price. It’s easier to forget and neglect what you’ve scribbled down in your physical organizer.


On the other hand, a digital calendar app allows you to –

  1. Set reminders for specific tasks
  2. Update, remove or edit tasks
  3. Access your organization’s data easily
  4. Save plenty of time!

Because of smartphones and technology, they’re pretty portable too! This does not imply that physical tools for organizing your work (notebooks, diaries, and so on) are not helpful.

Because let’s face it – physical or digital- the organizer tool’s target is to assist you in managing your time effectively. That which you choose depends on what you’re most comfortable with.

It’s just that the feasibility of physical organizer tools in the 21st century pales from the charm and practicality of their digital counterparts.


2. Use The Eisenhower Matrix For Calendar Priority Management

Choosing an organization tool isn’t enough – you’ve got to prioritize.

The first faltering step to prioritizing your work is constantly breaking up and analyzing every task’s significance.

To produce this simpler, consider using “The Eisenhower Matrix&rdquo. It will help build a priority management calendar as a priority manager. Beyond that, your online manager tool’s security must also be your priority. For this purpose, you can apply various security system tools, like or several other similar ones. This way, you’ll build your calendar confidence in your Eisenhower Matrix proper system activity.

  • Important and urgent

This represents essential tasks that must be done in just a particular amount of time. This typically includes tasks another person has asked related to a collection deadline. You’re likely to have no trouble prioritizing and finishing these tasks, but be sure you’re not confusing urgency with importance.

  • Noteworthy, however, not urgent

The Second quadrant represents essential tasks with a somewhat relaxed deadline. These tasks must undoubtedly be put in the center of the week. The functions in this category are generally essential but have long-term goals and benefits. This is where you will have the most significant tendency to fall behind.

  • Urgent but unimportant

The next quadrant contains the tasks that are urgent but less significant. Here’s where you use the power of “delegation&rdquo. Outsource the work to a colleague or someone more suitable. If the task is unavoidable, try placing it in the latter half of your work day. Try to consciously remember distractions that seem urgent but have low benefits in this block – like, you likely don’t have to be checking your emails and messages all day long, although they feel urgent.

  • Unimportant and not urgent

The tasks listed below are those that are neither essential nor highly urgent. Try to remove these tasks from the day if possible. This will give you a perspective on ‘how to proceed next?’.For example, if you’re by the end of a project, check your project closure checklist to see if you missed anything. Reviewing your calendar for the week ensures that you may not miss out on essential tasks.

Now your task priorities are set, you can begin arranging them for efficiency.

3. Start Task Batching

Task batching is about clubbing together similar tasks to save time and energy.

By grouping similar tasks together, you can singularly focus on using one type of work for a long time – instead of spreading it out during the day and carrying it out haphazardly.



  • Eliminate distractions
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve focus
  • It saves time and effort

Try to use it with its two distant cousins – Time Blocking and Time Boxing. Put the three together, and you’ve got a foolproof productivity-enhancing system.

4. Calendar Blocking For Time Management

You start by dividing your day into the proper execution of blocks.

Every block represents a particular task or a group of functions that have to be completed. This process can also be referred to as calendar blocking time management.


As an example, a block may be assigned for just writing proposals. Every proposal you send must undoubtedly be well researched and documented without typos. To save lots of your time and effort on making proposals, you can use professional help and buy essay papers to handle your work time efficiently. Here you are assigning an occasion interval for every number of tasks.

Every White line between tasks is a transition period. With the help of time blocking, you can reduce it even more.


  • Reflect on the prior week’s deliverables to assess and plan better for the coming week.
  • Be sure you get plenty of time to relax and unwind as well. A healthy mind is a key to giving 100% to anything you do.

5. Start Time Management With Time Boxing

Although it sounds like time blocking, the style behind time boxing is slightly different.

“Time blocking” means you put aside a block of time to do a specific group of tasks. You don’t do every other homework in that particular time block (or period).

Your focus is only to complete that specific group of tasks in that particular time block. In “time boxing”, you allocate a fixed timeframe to a planned mission. Once enough time is up, you are amiss on that task. Timeboxing ensures you’re spending your time efficiently, especially when paired with an automation tool that eliminates tedious, repetitive tasks.

Roy from Hack My Garage comments: “As an internet site owner/digital marketing, I’ve discovered that time management is imperative. You’ll get to where you want to go when you’re consistent regularly.



  • Sets deadlines for your tasks
  • Helps avoid procrastination
  • Helps deliver work with time
  • Ensures equal priority is given to every task

6. Assign A Day Theme

If you’re an executive, your day-to-day responsibilities differ throughout the week.

Every type of task will demand an alternative kind of energy.

For example, a webinar or PowerPoint presentation will require much preparation and energy. Therefore, there’s plenty of merit in placing such tasks after having a well-rested holiday or break.


This will give some more time for preparation if the executive wishes to prepare early. The exhaustion parameter is going to be removed here. Thus producing a more effective and better performance.

The meetings or the ultimate sales for clients may be arranged by the end of the week. All appointments or sales may be scheduled and tackled on that day.

Many CEOs and executives running multiple companies usually use day theming to give appropriate time and attention to each company. This proves effective as it is more streamlined.


7. Optimize Your Calendar

“Get Clear, Get Current and Get Creative!” – David Allen( Getting Things Done)

As David Allen’s book ‘Getting Things Done ‘said, we must take a break and analyze the outcome of our “scheduling&rdquo.

To do this, follow these three steps –

  • STEP: 1 Get Clear

Review days have gone by the week calendar, and look if something was missed or needs a revisit. This will give you a perspective on ‘how to proceed next?’.

  • STEP: 2 Get Current

Analyze upcoming tasks and prepare for them beforehand. This will help you stay updated and proactive. This can tell you ‘How To Do It?’.

  • STEP: 3 Get Creative

If done well, time and calendar management will enable your creativity, not halter it. If you’re not managing your time well, you will discover yourself occupied with urgent tasks, whether they are significant or not.

Follow this process until a very optimized version of your calendar is achieved.

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What Is an Access Level CAD Custom and How to Become One



How Can I Obtain a Job being an Entry-Level CAD Custom?

What Is an Access Level CAD Custom and How to Become One

Desk of Contents

  • What Does an Entry-Level CAD Custom Do?
  • How Can I Obtain a Job being an Entry-Level CAD Custom?

What Does an Entry-Level CAD Custom Do?

As an entry-level CAD custom, you accomplish many of the same jobs and responsibilities as CAD makers with increased knowledge, but you learn some jobs throughout on-the-job training. As an entry-level CAD custom, you apply computer-aided drafting skills while learning more about drafting tools like NX, Designer, and Solidworks. You make figures, structure paintings, and take blueprints from technicians to reformat them electronically using CAD software. You’re also responsible for inspecting models to ensure they meet protection specifications. If you notice mistakes in the look that may compromise quality or protection, you’ll need to make proper changes.

How Can I Obtain a Job being an Entry-Level CAD Custom?

What Is an Access Level CAD Custom and How to Become One

Though you get training in an entry-level CAD custom position, some employers might involve a certified level in drafting or perhaps a bachelor’s or associate level in mechanical engineering and knowledge of civil engineering, production, or drafting. Other requirements contain proficiency in computer technology, mechanical talent, and the capacity to visualize 3D style without using a computer. Published and verbal transmission skills are fundamental, as could be the initiative to ask about issues and recognize drafting problems. Additionally, you desire a readiness to learn and follow all CAD criteria in this entry-level position. Understanding style methods and tools connected with the production of programs and paintings are valuable and could make it simpler to learn new products throughout on-the-job training.

How much does an Entry Level CAD Designer make?

At the time of Sep 17, 2022, the standard annual purchase of an Entry Level CAD Custom in the United States is $36,355 yearly.

If you need a simple payment calculator, that calculates to be approximately $17.48 an hour. The equivalent is $699/week or $3,029/month.


While ZipRecruiter is viewing annual salaries as high as $43,500 and as low as $21,500, many Entry Level CAD Custom salaries presently range between $35,000 (25th percentile) to $39,000 (75th percentile), with prime earners (90th percentile) making $42,500 annually over the United States. The typical pay range for an Entry Level CAD Custom ranges little (about $4,000), which suggests that no matter the location, you can find not many possibilities for improved pay or development, even with a long period of experience.

Centered on recent work submitting activity on ZipRecruiter, the Entry Level CAD Custom work market in both Rahim Yar Khan, PK, and throughout the entire state is not very productive as several organizations are now hiring. An Entry Level CAD Custom locally makes $36,713 each year, or $358 (1%) more compared to the national standard annual pay of $36,355. Ranks quantity 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Entry Level CAD Custom salaries.

To estimate the absolute most appropriate annual pay range for Entry Level CAD Custom jobs, ZipRecruiter repeatedly tests their database of millions of productive jobs published locally for the duration of America.


Discover the subsequent high-paying work as an Entry Level CAD Custom on ZipRecruiter today.

What are the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Entry Level CAD Designer Jobs

We’ve recognized 10 cities where the conventional pay for an Entry Level CAD Custom work is over the national average. Sugar, the list is Atkinson, NE, with Frankston, TX, and Barnstable Area, MA close behind in the second and subsequent positions. Barnstable Area, MA, defeats the national normal by $7,073 (19.5%), and Atkinson, NE, furthers that trend with another $10,226 (28.1%) over the $36,355 average.

With these 10 cities having average salaries more significant than the national normal, the possibilities for financial development by adjusting places as an Entry Level CAD Custom seems to be highly fruitful.


Ultimately, yet another component to consider is the standard pay for these prime twenty cities ranges almost no at 14% between Atkinson, NE, and Potomac Levels, MD, reinforcing the confined prospect of much wage advancement. The chance of a lower cost of residing may be the most readily helpful component to use when it comes to location and pay for an Entry Level CAD Custom role.

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10 Inspiring Latina Mommy Bloggers to Follow



10 Inspiring Latina Mommy Bloggers to Follow

Latina mommy bloggers offer a unique viewpoint of their language, culture, and personal experiences in the parenting process. These are the top 10 Latina mommy bloggers we love.

10 Inspiring Latina Mommy Bloggers to Follow

Parenting can be a long adventure. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a new area with endless unanswered questions.


Perhaps you’re considering ways to shed pregnancy weight or would like to know how to make a healthy and balanced diet to feed your entire family. Perhaps you’d like some suggestions to manage your time with being a busy mother or discover strategies to raise bilingual and multi-cultural children.

If you are struggling, you can look to mommy bloggers who give practical advice and tips on navigating motherhood. They usually share their experiences genuinely and honestly. You can trust their stories for inspiration and motivation to push through the most challenging times.

Laura Fuentes

Laura Fuentes knows how to manage many things in her daily life simultaneously. She’s kept herself busy throughout the years, managing a hectic career in the corporate world, bringing up three children at home, working from home, and finally, establishing her own business.


Fuentes began her blog in the year 2010. She wrote about her experience as a mother. Also, she shared the recipes that she had created with her kids. After a significant illness due to exhaustion, she prioritized her health and wellbeing first.

This resulted in a re-design of the content of her blog. What began as a blog that shared family stories and recipes is now a resource for moms to achieve professional and personal goals. You can expect parenting tips, articles on self-care, healthy eating habits, and tips for finding a balance between work and life. The articles range from “Starting a Workout Routine When You Have Kids” to “How To Make Your Dreams a Reality.”

In 2021 Fuentes embarked on her new venture to create MOMables, a healthy meal planning program for parents. MOMables was born after Fuentes could not come up with nutritious and healthy recipes her daughter would love for lunch at school (instead of the less nutritious prepackaged meals).


So far, MOMables has helped approximately 85,000 families improve their diets by providing menu and healthy diet plans and recipes. The aim is to provide families with the tools they require to eliminate processed and sugar-laden food items in their diets.

Fuentes has also published five cookbooks and has appeared in The “TODAY Show,” “Good Morning America,” Univision, and Telemundo.


View this post on Instagram



A post shared by @laurasfuentes

Marines Duarte

Marines Duarte is a mother of four children. She is an entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and blogger. She also enjoyed a lucrative career in the world of magazines. Her list of accomplishments includes eight years as a group editor for “Cosmopolitan,” “Harper’s Bazaar,” and “Buenhogar” for the U.S. Hispanic Market and Latin America and two years of running the digital media business.


After leaving the corporate world, Duarte founded En Tus Zapatos, a platform for multimedia and blog specifically for women. Her blog offers tips on women’s challenges, including managing a balanced life with a full-time job. She also writes content on beauty, self-care, fitness, and fashion. She is an excellent source of tips for dressing your children in fashionable clothes.

Her most recent project includes The Warrior Princess (or Princesas Guerrera) project that she designed to raise awareness about the gender gap and abuse of women. The project is aimed at helping women struggling with physical, mental, or psychological as well as workplace violence. “Latinas are a perfect combination of a warrior and a princess,” Duarte writes on her website. Duarte at her website.


View this post on Instagram



A post shared by En Tus Zapatos (@en_tuszapatos)

Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell is a mom of two children and the creator of her blog De Su Mama where she writes about her experiences having a multiracial household. The blog also has content related to food and travel, a lot of which is a celebration of the cultures of her husband and her. You can expect everything from advice on managing meltdowns at school after hours to how to style curly hair.


Su Mama, which translates to “from your mother,” Su Mama, which means “from your mother,” was born from Bell’s desire to record the messages she sent to her daughter while she grew up.

Bell, who lives in Cuba, believes that mothers have a significant role in passing on the family’s legacy and culture to the future generation. “We all have moments in our lives when we feel insecure in our identity–even as multiracial moms, it’s often hard to know if we’re getting it right,” Bell writes in her blog. Bell on her blog.

Joscelyn Ramos Campbell

Joscelyn Ramos is a bilingual-bicultural mother of 4 boys. One is at college, and they have identical twins in junior high school. Ramos’s eldest, who is diagnosed with autism, is in kindergarten.


The mother of twins was born in New York to Cuban and Puerto Rican parents. Ramos is the creator of Mami Innovative Media and Mami of Multiples. She created a lifestyle and parenting site after her twins were born.

The mom from Florida utilizes her blog to share ideas and resources for others, including “Time Saving Hacks for Back-To-School Mornings.” There are also a lot of parenting-related posts, such as kid-friendly meals and family outing guidebooks, as well as “surviving” the holidays with the family.

Mami of Multiples is also an excellent resource for parents of children who have special needs. Learn how to help your child adjust to school routines and design a sensory environment.


Ramos is not one who hasn’t had the spotlight and success. Apart from being a prestigious former spokesperson for the federal government, She has also been named in “Latina” magazine as one of “37 Latina Bloggers You Must Know in 2014” and one of “The 10 Best Latina Mommy Bloggers.” Ramos received an award called the TECLA Award in the year 2016, which recognizes the accomplishments of the most renowned Latinx and multi-cultural creators of content.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Dr. Joscelyn Ramos Campbell (@joscelynramoscampbell)


Rory Lassanske

The year 2009 was the time that Rory Lassanske decided to leave her work as a TV producer and start a blog Mama Contemporanea. Mama Contemporanea is a Venezuelan-born Texas resident who has written about her experiences as a modern mother living in America. The U.S. was raising multi-cultural children.

She tells stories of their two daughters, Chloe and Chris, and is focused on issues relevant to speaking Spanish Hispanic mothers. Lassanske even curates product reviews for Latina moms seeking descriptions in Spanish.


You can expect articles on various topics, including pregnancy, maternity, the recipe for children, and fashion. She also discusses becoming a business owner making use of green technology, and also travel.

Mama Contemporanea is on YouTube, which has more than 36,000 followers. The content on the video is similar to the blog’s, which includes product reviews, additional content, lifestyle tips, recipes, family, and much more.

Lassanske was selected as one hundred influencers featured on “Yo Soy el Artista,” an American talent show created through Telemundo TV. Telemundo TV network.



Elayna Fernandez

Elayna Fernandez is a Dominican mother of 4 daughters. Two who are teens. The Texan is famous for her bestsellers, transformational programs, and popular blog, The Positive Mom. The primary goal of her website is to motivate females to have positive mothers who recognize their worth and raise their children in their way.

The Positive Mom reads like the diary of Fernandez. Discover her life’s stories and experiences as a single mother who faced extreme poverty, a violent family, a dysfunctional and abusive childhood, and the plight of the homeless. She also talks about the importance of parenting, entrepreneurship, and life coaching.

Look for articles to help mothers improve their lives, develop themselves, and promote positive growth in motherhood and establishing businesses. Additionally, you will find helpful strategies, tools, and guidance on improving your online capabilities and brand.


Fernandez’s blog has garnered international recognition and acclaim. She was named “Best Latina Lifestyle Blogger of 2016” and “Top Latina Digital Influencer” by Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) for two consecutive years. She was also named “Top Family and Parenting Creator” at the 2017 TECLA Awards.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Elayna Fernandez (@thepositivemom)


Maritere Rodriguez-Bellas

Rodriguez-Bellas has a long list of accomplishments dating to her writing years in the 1990s. She’s now an international award-winning bilingual and multi-cultural Latina author, expert on parenting, and speaker. She also hosts a podcast and is a digital influencer who resides with her family in Los Angeles. She is a Puerto Rico native and is a mom to two children with Hispanic, Greek, and American origins.

After noticing that there was no information for parents of Latinx immigrants with bilingual or bicultural children, She decided to make the content herself. She is now an advocate for Latina mothers with similar struggles.


For the past 12 years, she was a well-known parenting column for “La Opinion” newspaper, one of the nation’s most prominent newspapers with a Spanish-language language. She also provided parenting tips in other publications, including “Ser Padres” and “Healthy Kids en Espanol.”

Rodriguez-Bellas started her blogging site for parents in 2014, on which she provides bicultural and bilingual parenting advice, book reviews, and parenting tips. Her blog is also renowned for her deep-dive interviews. She has had conversations with anyone from medical professionals to entrepreneurs and parenting specialists.

Rodriguez-Bellas also features Latina women who are making a positive impact in their communities and around the globe. Her writings provide insight to immigrants trying to find the proper equilibrium between the one they have left behind and the one they’re adopting in their new home.



Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Hernandez, also known as Jenny The Voice, is an ex-radio host who made her debut in Guatemala. She immigrated to America in 2004. The United States in 2004.

Hernandez started her blog, Jenny Day By Day, in 2015. Then she decided to end her broadcasting career in Washington, D.C, on hold. Her two children, Sofia and Diego, are now five and eight.

On Her blog, Hernandez posts content about bilingual parenting holidays (including DIY decorations), fashion, and product reviews. Discover articles about home improvement like how to keep your kitchen spotless or get the most efficient household technology. She also offers her favorite Guatemalan recipes, such as the chicken dish, Loroco cream sauce, and ATOL de Platano (banana atole).


In her role as an Instagram Influencer, Hernandez shares a behind-the-scenes look into her family’s lives with over 18K Instagram followers.


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Silvia Martinez

Silvia Martinez Silvia Martinez is a Mexican mompreneur and bilingual blogger, and mother to two boys. Before moving to California sixteen years ago, she was employed as an instructor at a college and HR executive for eighteen years. Then, in 2009 she launched Mama Latina Tips, an award-winning blog in Spanish and English that offers articles and other resources for families.

On her blog, Martinez writes about a variety of subjects. There are posts on beauty and skincare, and If you’re looking for freebies, Martinez often gives away giveaways of products. Also, you can find articles about food (with lots of recipes) as well as health, travel, and home improvement (such as storage and cleaning tips). In the realm of parenting, She blogs about anything from craft ideas to family’s personal Disney memories.


The year 2012 was the time that Martinez created Mama Latina Tips Media, a company that provides consulting services to companies that are in English as well as Spanish. Martinez was named one of the “Top 10 Best Latina Mommy Bloggers” by “Latina” magazine and “Bilingual Influencer of the Year” in 2016 and 2017 by LATISM.


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Maria Sierra

Maria Sierra is a young mother of two daughters and co-founder of La Coquette, a blog and a YouTube channel. Born in Honduras, She considers herself a global citizen, having studied and lived throughout Spain, Panama, Mexico, Mexico, Panama, and the United States. She currently lives in Tijuana, Mexico, and is a frequent blogger who shares stories of her culinary experiences, recipes, and lifestyle advice for mothers.

Her blog is also a resource for pregnancy, parenting, and baby-related posts. Sierra shares personal stories, including her experiences with having a baby during the outbreak. She also offers tips on co-parenting and a list of her most loved titles for children.


Sierra’s blog’s popularity resulted in her creating her well-known YouTube channel, with more than 1.22 million viewers. With her husband, Sierra produces short culinary stories and recipe videos. The majority of their videos are humorous and fun and highlight the lively personality of Sierra. in 2014, Sierra made a channel with an English language version, dubbed La Coquette Food.

Sierra’s distinctive style of creating content has won her worldwide recognition. Sierra has been listed as one of five “Latino American Stars Latinos Need to Follow” (alongside Carolina Herrera, Jorge Ramos, and Sofia Vergara) by the “Latin Post.”


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