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These Are the Most Common Tax Filing Errors Made by small business owners (and the best way to avoid them)



These Are the Most Common Tax Filing Errors Made by small business owners (and the best way to avoid them)

Making sure you avoid these tax filing Errors could help your company save time and cash in the long run.

A tax filing error that is not made correctly could result in an IRS review, which can be quite a hassle for small-business owners. Along with the loss of time and effort, trying to satisfy the requirements of the IRS and other errors can impact your company’s bottom line.


While these mistakes in tax filing may appear to be entirely out of character for your employees or you, The tax filing process becomes more complex as your company grows.

Many common errors companies make regarding their tax returns can be prevented if you and your employees are aware of the regulations and ensure that you’re up-to-date with any IRS adjustments.

These Are the Most Common Tax Filing Errors Made by small business owners (and the best way to avoid them)

1. Inaccurate reporting

No matter if your mistake in reporting is unintentional or deliberate, knowingly or not reporting your earnings in the eyes of the IRS (both personal and in the capacity of an owner of a business) will result in being scrutinized. Virtual currency should be reported, as must any income from investments and non-employee wages.


The IRS utilizes its computer systems and forms 1099 to reconcile the information reported to them and the information provided to the business owner. Therefore it is crucial to take the correct information. It is possible to note income to you in information returns, like the 1099-MISC form indicating the compensation of employees if you’re an independent contractor or the 1099-K form showing credit card information and some other transaction, regardless of the company’s type if you’ve had several dealings.

Suppose the tax forms are incorrect, and you cannot get the sender to rectify the errors. In that case, you must report the wrong amount by making the appropriate adjustment and attach a reason to your tax return to ensure you’re only taxed for the proper amount.

2. Meal expense deductions

It’s nothing major, and claiming all meal expenses while working with clients can be an issue. Client entertainment allowances have been changed, and hiding this could result in IRS involvement. Only 50 per cent of the meals you eat for business can be deducted. While treating your client to dinner to impress them or to pay for meals yourself on the road for business is an acceptable business expense, you can only deduct half the payment.


3. Procrastination with tax preparation

One method for tax planning to be more straightforward is to ensure your documents are properly maintained. Making sure you record deductions and expenses is a must. You need to keep your records in order. It is essential to be active! You should use a digital accounting program to assist you and your employees keep track. The software should be able to fill in expenses using uploaded photos and save information in the cloud can prove extremely useful.

If you have access to an accountant, You shouldn’t just wait until tax time to decide what you need to do with the filing process and keeping records. If you work on tax planning using expert guidance and ensuring that your documents are kept and paperwork completed throughout the year, you can prevent some minor mistakes that can result in an audit. This can help you avoid an unexpectedly high tax bill you’re unprepared for. If you fail to meet the deadline for filing tax returns, the business will be penalized by the IRS monthly penalty of 5%, which will continue to grow until the tax return is submitted.

4. Disregarding the mileage records

The tax law permits entrepreneurs who claim mileage they use personal vehicles to conduct business. But, the deduction must be substantiated by reliable documents.


Keeping an electronic log of your mileage or keeping a notebook in your vehicle to note the date and the mileage can be a way to prove any mileage-related claims. Mileage deductions are a widespread subject of confusion. Be sure you know the mileage rate you are allowed to deduct and any other exemptions apply to this rate. Knowing the maximum permitted mileage deduction you can claim for all vehicles is essential, so you don’t overdo the amount. This number could vary from year to the following year.

5. Estimated tax rates for low-balling

Many business owners put off or fear the quarterly payment in large cheques to IRS. The extensive checks eat away at a company’s cash flow and cannot be scheduled at the beginning of making budgets. However, underestimating estimated taxes could cause penalties (20 percent) if your tax bill is lower than you owe or pay late. It is best to be able to assess your tax estimates for the entire year and pay each quarter in time.

All the taxes your business must pay, such as self-employment tax and Medicare tax, must be meticulously and precisely totalized. If there is a mistake and the IRS believes this is false and you are liable to be penalized for fraud or face tax fraud charges.


6. Don’t use the wrong retirement plan

Small-scale business owners can benefit from the retirement plan’s contributions to cut down on tax obligations. But, selecting the wrong technique can restrict the deductions you can make or force you to pay for donations from employees your business can’t pay for.

Assistance from a professional with your small business’s development and tax preparation will assist you in avoiding some costly errors. It would be best if you talked to an accountant to learn more about the other tax issues that can be costly for your company.

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How to manage and promote your Instagram and Facebook accounts from one platform

Meta Business Suite enables you to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts through an interface that gives you insights into what’s happening on your pages on Facebook and Instagram.


Find out everything you need to know about Meta Business Suite from our guide!

Quick Links

  • What is Meta Business Suite?
  • How to Get Access to Meta Business Suite
  • How to Use Meta Business Suite: Interface and Settings
  • How to Connect an Instagram Account on Meta Business Suite
  • How to Discover Your Audience Activity
  • Working with Messages and Comments using the Meta Business Suite. Meta Business Suite
  • How to Create and Promote Posts on Meta Business Suite
  • How to Launch New Ads on Meta Business Suite and Analyze Your Ads’ Performance
  • Meta Business Suite Insights: How to Understand Your Facebook/Instagram Pages’ Performance
  • Make use of additional options to run your pages on Facebook.
  • Wrapping up

What is Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite (formerly Facebook Business Suite) is a no-cost platform for medium and small-sized companies. With this platform, you can control the accounts of both your Facebook as well as Instagram accounts in one spot.

Through Meta Business Suite, you can:

  • Create or schedule content on your Facebook page as well as your Instagram feed.
  • You can read and respond to the latest messages and comments on the accounts of your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts all in one place.
  • Create automated responses to frequent inquiries and actions.
  • Get audience insights.
  • Advertisement launch for your business on Facebook along with Instagram.
  • Access additional Facebook features and options to help manage your company’s presence.

How to Get Access to Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is available both on mobile and desktop. To access it on your mobile device Download the application:

If you are already using Meta Business Manager, you will automatically be redirected to Meta Business Suite. Meta Business Suite page when you sign in to Your desktop. Be aware of this: Meta Business Suite is available only to users who have an official business Facebook Page.

How to Use Meta Business Suite: Interface and Settings

The Meta Business Suite main page includes information about recent posts, updated advertisements, as well as insights on both your Facebook as well as Instagram accounts. You can view important notifications, messages, and comments, as well as other events that require your attention.


You can also make posts/stories, or even advertise your business right on the home screen.

The latest insights are in the right direction. They include:

  • Reach trends indicate how much coverage for the Facebook profile has grown or decreased over the course of 7 days.
  • The total amount of Facebook Likes during the life of the page.

In the lower part of the menu bar to the left, there is access to All Tools. From there, you can access your Page settings to modify important information as well as access settings for your account at work.

Meta Business Suite allows you to create an account on Facebook. To set this up, head to “Page settings.”


Under “Page settings,” you can create shortcuts, select who will upload to your Page timeline, change Page Info and manage page roles, and so much more.


How to Connect an Instagram Account on Meta Business Suite

In order to manage Instagram activities using within the Meta Business Suite, you have to connect to your Instagram account. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to create as well as schedule content, reply to messages and comments in Instagram Direct, create ads, and gain insights into your audience.

Log into Your business Account and click “Settings” from the sidebar to the left. Choose “Business assets,” navigate to the “Instagram accounts” tab, and then click “Add Instagram accounts.”


Enter your login for Instagram. If you’re already signed in, you might be asked to join this account. Verify that it’s the account you’re looking to connect or select “Switch accounts.”

Select “Confirm” to connect your account to Meta Business Suite.

How to Discover Your Audience Activity

To view updates on the Facebook and Instagram accounts, visit your account’s “Notifications” section. This is where you can find out the people who liked your content, liked links as well as other information.


Working with Messages and Comments using the Meta Business Suite. Meta Business Suite

The “Inbox” section of your “Inbox” section contains all messages and comments your users send through Facebook, Instagram, and messengers. From this section, you can swiftly respond to their messages.

It is also possible to use an efficient feature–“Automated responses.” This section will see an inventory of the interactions that are listed (greeting people, confirming messages or follow-ups and follow up, etc.). To generate instant automatic responses to these events go through the list, then write the message’s text that will be used to populate the auto-response.

You can also add personalization features like the person’s first name, last name, or full name to personalize the message.


This feature lets you instantly send messages like:

  • A reply to the initial message that a user posts via Instagram and Messenger.
  • Away message. By enabling this option, you can put the page in “Away” status. Anyone who makes a message at this moment will receive the same response. It is possible to set up this feature manually or plan it for the duration of a week.
  • Frequently Asked Questions. You may suggest some FAQs and create automatic answers to these.
  • Job Application Received. Automatic response to an applicant who has submitted an application for employment.
  • Appointment Reminders. A reminder for appointments will be sent out to one of the people on the day prior to the appointment time via Messenger as well as SMS. This is a great option for salons as well as private dental clinics and more.
  • Page Recommended. The system will notify you of a message within 10 minutes of an individual has shared publicly the page they have recommended. It is essential to thank them for their recommendation.
  • Page Not Recommended. This is a type of automatic message to express your regret for a poor customer experience and request thorough feedback. The system will send the message within 10 minutes of the person having shared that he wouldn’t recommend the site.

How to Create and Promote Posts on Meta Business Suite

The “Posts & stories” section is where you can see your latest stories and posts, make new ones, publish or even schedule them.

To add a post To add a new post, select “Create Post” on the top. In the edit window, choose the options for placements: Facebook news feed or Instagram Feed. Add text, photos, or videos, and select other alternatives.

Press “Publish” if you want to publish your blog post right away on the News Feed, or schedule it for later.


You can select”Optimal Times” or the “Optimal times” option to make sure that your article is scheduled for the time your readers are most likely to be engaged.

What is the Best Time to Show Ads on Facebook

To share your post to get your post noticed on Facebook and Instagram Click “Boost.” Your post will appear on the feed and will have a “Sponsored” mark.


Create a targeted list to ensure that the system will display your message to the appropriate people. To accomplish this, simply click the “Edit” or “Edit” link.

Within the “Edit Audience” window, enter the gender or age as well as the location of your target audience. To create a targeted audience add demographics, interests, or the behavior of your target audience. Keep your setting.

Then, you need to specify the time frame and budget for the campaign. The tool will then display the daily average reach. The more you’re willing to invest in advertising, the greater reach you can expect to receive.


You can also set up conversion tracking. For this, you must include a Facebook pixel on your site.

Then, you can choose the currency of your choice and add your ad to your feed.

How to Launch New Ads on Meta Business Suite and Analyze Your Ads’ Performance

Within the “Ads” section, you can start new ads as well as examine past and current ads’ effectiveness.


Pick a target for your marketing campaign.

These goals are open to you:

  • Get More Messages. The idea is to get users to send messages.
  • Promote your page. Draw the attention of your target audience to your page and raise brand awareness and increase the number of Page Likes.
  • Gain more visitors to your website. Contact people who might click on a link to visit your site.
  • Find more leads. Gather customer data using an online request form (from websites as well as Facebook). It can be used to collect email addresses, telephone numbers, as well as names. If you are looking to collect information from contacts via your site’s form, then you must set up a Facebook pixel on your website.

Within Meta Business Suite, you can also create automated advertisements. This tool can help you make and configure ads to reduce time and effort. Keep in mind that the tool needs time to master. The more data it accumulates and the more accurate suggestions you’ll receive.

Meta Business Suite Insights: How to Understand Your Facebook/Instagram Pages’ Performance

The “Insights” section on Meta Business Suite In the “Insights” section, you will see the coverage of your page’s posts through Facebook and Instagram as well as the reach of each post.


“Overview Page “Overview” page also shows information about your followers. This page will show the number of people who liked your Facebook page over the last 28 days broken down by gender.

Visit “Results” to see how Page Reach is changing over time.

Within the “Content” section, you can see a variety of stats for each blog post, such as the number of likes, comments, reposts, and Likes.


Click on “Audience” to view the target report on your audience. Based on the information in the report you can create an image of your target followers using Facebook and Instagram. The tool can provide various demographic information such as age, gender, and Top Cities and Top countries.

10 Advanced Tips to Analyze Your PPC Competitors

Make use of additional options to run your pages on Facebook.

Under the “All tools” section, you can locate additional helpful tools. From here, you can control your billing, download Business Apps, manage Profiles, and much more.


Wrapping up

Meta Business Suite is a relatively new product for marketers. It replaced Facebook Business Suite, simplifying managing accounts on Facebook and Instagram for small enterprises. Yet, Meta is looking forward to expanding the features that the service offers to companies regardless of size. We are therefore eager to see lots of new features to come soon.

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Musk drifts compensated Facebook evidence, shoots panel




Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk is hanging necessary improvements for Facebook — and faces significant hurdles as he starts his first week as the owner of the social media platform.

Twitter’s new owner fired the company’s panel of administrators and produced herself the board’s sole member, according to an organization filing Wednesday with the Securities and Change Commission.


He’s also screening the waters by asking consumers To pay for verification. A project capitalist working with Musk tweeted a ballot asking how many consumers would be ready to pay for the blue check level that Facebook has traditionally applied to confirm higher-profile records; therefore, other consumers know it is them.

Musk, whose consideration is verified, answered, “Interesting.”

Critics have derided the level, frequently awarded to superstars, politicians, organization leaders, and journalists, as the top status symbol.


But Facebook also uses the blue check level to confirm activists and those who instantly find themselves in the news, as well as little-known journalists as little guides about the globe, as an extra instrument to control misinformation coming from records that are impersonating people.

“The whole evidence process has been revamped right now,” Musk tweeted Saturday in reaction to an individual who called for support getting verified.

On Friday, billionaire Saudi King Alwaleed container Talal said he and his Kingdom Keeping Company rolled around a mixed $1.89 million in present Facebook gives, making them the company’s most extraordinary shareholder after Musk. The news headlines raised considerations among some lawmakers, including Sen. Bob Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut.


Murphy tweeted he is requesting the Committee on Foreign Investment — which reviews acquisitions of U.S. organizations by foreign consumers — to investigate the national protection implications of the kingdom’s investment in Facebook.

“We must be concerned that the Saudis, who have an obvious curiosity about repressing political presentation and impacting U.S. politics, are the second-largest owner of a significant social media system,” Murphy tweeted. “There’s an obvious national protection issue at share, and CFIUS should do a review.”

Having taken control of the social media support, Musk has invited several tech-world buddies and investors to help manual the San Francisco-based company’s change, which will probably incorporate a shakeup of their staff. Musk, a week ago, shot CEO Parag Agrawal and different primary Executives. There’s been uncertainty approximately if and whilst he. Can start larger-scale layoffs.


Those individuals who have unveiled they’re supporting Musk include Sriram Krishnan. This venture money firm Andreessen Horowitz’s partner pledged right back in the spring to the processor directly into Musk’s plan to bring the business private.

Krishnan, a former Facebook option government, said on Twitter that it’s “a greatly crucial company and can have a good effect on the planet, and Elon is the individual to generate it happen.”

Jason Calacanis, the venture capitalist who tweeted the poll about whether customers would obtain evidence, said within the weekend, he’s “going out at Facebook significantly and just attempting to be as useful as you can through the transition.”


Calacanis said the staff already “has a very detailed program to cut back the number of (and exposure of) bots, spammers, & bad stars on the platform.” And in the Facebook poll, he asked if consumers would spend between $5 and $15 monthly to “be verified & get an orange check mark” on Twitter. Facebook is currently free for some consumers since this will depend on promotion for its revenue.

Musk decided to get Facebook for $44 million in April; however, it was not until Thursday night he finally shut the offer after his efforts to back out of it generated a protracted appropriate fight with the company. Musk’s lawyers are asking the Delaware Chancery Judge to throw out the event, according to a court filing produced community Monday. Both factors were expected to go to test in December should they still need to close the offer by the finish of last week.

Musk has produced several pronouncements early this season about how exactly to correct Facebook, and it remains to be cloudy which proposals he will prioritize.


He’s stated to reduce some of Twitter’s content limitations to advertise free presentations but said Friday that several essential choices on the content or reinstating of forbidden records will soon be produced until a “content moderation council” with diverse viewpoints is put in place. He later qualified that remark, tweeting, “anyone suspended for minor & debatable causes will soon be separated from Facebook jail.”

The top of a cryptocurrency exchange that used $500 million in Musk’s Facebook takeover said he had several causes for encouraging the offer, including the likelihood Musk would change Facebook into an organization promoting cryptocurrency and the style called Web3, which many cryptocurrency lovers envision as the next generation of the internet.

“We want to be sure that crypto has a chair at the dining table as it pertains to free presentation,” Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao informed CNBC on Monday. “And there are more tactical points we want to support carry Facebook into Web3 when they’re ready.”


He said cryptocurrency could help resolve some of Musk’s immediate problems like they want to charge a premium account payment for more users.

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How Do Sensor Flush Valves Work?



How Do Sensor Flush Valves Work?

If you were anything like me, you would spend hours trying to figure out how certain appliances work when you were a kid. This was especially true for the then-revolutionary sensor-based gadgets that started to appear in the 80s and 90s.

So, if you are still curious about how sensor flush valves, keep reading as I´m about to dispel the secret behind these remotely activated contraptions.


Sensor flush valves are not so different from your regular commercial flushometer. Actually, the configuration and function of internal components are similar to that of regular hand-operated flushometers but without the handle and the inner leverage mechanism. This results in a slimmer design and fewer moving parts that can get damaged due to wear and outright abuse.

So, you still have the two chambers that fill up with water. An upper chamber holds the seat valve in place thanks to the water pressure. A lower chamber is connected directly to the water supply and is connected to the upper chamber via a small bypass hole. Your regular flush valve will be activated through the handle which will raise the seat valve, liberating the water stored in the upper chamber and sending it down the pipeline into the bowl.

To do away with the handle, designers needed to replace the mechanism that controls the valve seat. However, an automated system that pushes the valve seat up would require too much strength to raise it. So, instead, a solenoid is placed on top of the upper water chamber. Upon receiving a signal, the solenoid releases water, decreasing the pressure on the top chamber and letting water from the lower chamber lift the diaphragm for a full flush. The solenoid is timed, so it will only let a certain amount of water through the valve before getting closed, allowing the upper chamber to get filled again and accumulate enough pressure to close the valve in place.


The necessary signal comes from an infrared sensor located at the front of your flush valve. There is an emitter that, you guessed it, emits infrared light. If this light is reflected back into the sensor, say by a user, it picks the signal up and activates the solenoid.

As you would have guessed, if the solenoid is activated the second the sensor detects a user, the flush will come too early. Sensors are equipped with small microchips that set the rules of the sensor flush valve. Usually, the operator has a set of options. For instance, you can configure your sensor to enter standby mode when it detects a user and releases the water when the infrared signal stops being reflected.

Modern sensors also have safety features that prevent the flush valve from being activated accidentally.


The goal of having a sensor flush valve is to prevent germ transmission and protect your bathroom fixtures from wear. If the need for physical contact is reduced, users won´t need to pull or push any component too hard. This makes them ideal for venues that care about keeping their sanitary installations clean and tidy without having to spend more on additional maintenance. Sensors are usually battery-operated, but they are extremely energy efficient, which means that they can perform thousands of flushes per charge.

The best sensor flush valve hardware today is made by brands like Sloan, American Standard, Kohler, Moen, Zurn, and Delta. Their products are extremely high quality, and you can easily find them at Quality Plumbing Supply. They carry the best commercial plumbing brands in the market and supply businesses and contractors with plumbing repair parts and kits. Visit their website today for additional information.

For more information about Commercial Plumbing Equipment and Leonard Valve Rebuild Kit Visit: Quality Plumbing Supply.


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