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What Should You Know about Hairline Lowering Transplant Procedure?




In life, dealing with hair loss can take a toll on you, especially if it creates a receding hairline. People who experience receding hairline Lowering often have difficulty socializing with their peers because they feel demoralized.

A large forehead, usually caused by a high hairline, makes your facial features look unproportional. If you have a receding hairline, you need to understand that procedures are available to get rid of a large forehead. One of them is known as a hairline lowering transplant.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic is among the few hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles that offer the hairline lowering transplant procedure.


This procedure helps to reduce the effects of a large forehead by advancing the hairline forward. The hairline lowering transplant works for both men and women in reducing the effects of receding hairline.

In this post, we discuss the hairline lowering transplant cost and how the procedure effectively reduces the effects of a high hairline caused by hair loss or physical trauma on the forehead.

Continue reading to understand what the hairline lowering transplant is all about.


If you want to get rid of a high hairline or any other form of hair loss, you need a reputable clinic like Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. Dr. John Kahen is an award-winning hair restoration surgeon with years of experience and expertise in hair restoration procedures, including hairline lowering transplants.

But before you choose to get it, you need to know about hairline lowering transplant cost

Hairline Lowering

What is a Hairline Lowering Transplant Procedure?

Hair loss happens in many ways, caused by many factors. Hair loss that happens on the forehead causes what is known as a receding hairline.


This form of hair loss pushes the hairline up the scalp, making the forehead look large. As one of the facial features, the forehead needs to look proportional. You must undergo a hairline lowering transplant if you suffer from a hair loss that makes your forehead look big.

This minimally invasive hair restoration procedure involves covering part of the exposed forehead with graft hair. The graft hair is often harvested from the back of the scalp, where hair loss hardly happens.

A hairline lowering transplant offers the best hair restoration procedure to rectify and improve the size and shape of the hairline.


In women, a receding hairline is often caused by various issues, including hairstyles that tend to pull it and strain hair follicles, causing hair loss. Once the hair follicles are damaged, they can no longer produce hair.

This makes the forehead look relatively larger than usual. If you are affected by this hair loss, you can quickly get a hairline lowering transplant that effectively eliminates a receding hairline. 

How is a HLT Done? 

A hairline lowering transplant procedure is done by a professional hair restoration surgeon at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic.


The aim of the hairline lowering transplant is to harvest enough hair follicles from the sides or the back of the scalp and transfer them to the forehead area.

This is the area that is experiencing thinning hair that is causing a receding hairline. The surgeon will use the FUE hair extraction technique to remove graft hairs. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. 

FUE works effectively with the hairline lowering transplant surgery because it allows the surgeon to harvest individual hair grafts.


A punch-like tool that cuts around each follicular unit enables the surgeon to customize the final results of the hairline lowering transplant.

The process is done under local anesthesia so the patient won’t feel any pain or discomfort. FUE hair transplant works incredibly well because it does not leave a linear scar, unlike the FUT or FUSS procedures. 

HLT Cost 

Being a cosmetic procedure, hairline lowering transplant is not covered by most health insurance. If you intend to undergo the hairline lowering transplant, you should be ready to pay for it off-pocket. You will probably learn about hairline lowering transplant costs in the initial consultation.


Various factors will affect the cost of having a hairline lowering transplant. The skill set of the hair transplant surgeon and how advanced the receding hairline is are among the factors that often affect hairline lowering transplant cost. 

The cost of having the hairline lowering transplant at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic ranges from $5,000 to $20,000. This often depends on the number of hair follicles necessary to make the procedure successful and the patient’s hair restoration goals.

You must ensure that you have extensively consulted with your surgeon about hairline lowering transplant costs before the procedure. This helps to avoid misunderstandings afterward. 


Hairline Lowering Transplant Results 

Once you have had the hairline lowering transplant at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic, you should expect natural-looking results.

This will happen in about 12 months. The transplanted hair will have to fall out first, allowing new hair strands to grow. What makes a hairline lowering transplant great is getting rid of receding hairline once and for all. Once you have had it, you won’t have to undergo follow-up treatments like other procedures.

Since the surgeon will use the FUE hair transplant technique to carry out the hairline lowering transplant procedure, you don’t need to worry about any linear scar once the donor area heals. 



If you suffer from hair loss causing a receding hairline, you can counter it by having a hairline-lowering transplant procedure.

This procedure, available at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic, is among the many hair restoration procedures and treatments that work effectively against hair loss.

Dr. John Kahen uses the latest technologies to perform the hairline lowering transplant. All our procedures produce more natural and custom results based on the patient’s hair restoration goals.



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Best Selling Unique Wedding Bands for your Fiancé



Best Selling Unique Wedding Bands for your Fiancé

You only choose your wedding venue once in a life. But a pair of wedding bands is somewhat you choose for a lifetime. These days, wedding bands get huge attention during engagement events. These are the modern wedding ornaments that most couples prefer to wear. Therefore, when choosing the engagement gift for your fiancé, you should consider best-selling wedding bands. You can choose these ornaments by considering important factors ranging from metal, style, and cost. So, here are some useful shopping tips for you to check.

Consider Metal

There is no secret to reveal that you can have varied options when it comes to choosing metal for a wedding band. These stylish jewelry pieces come in yellow, white, rose gold, silver, and platinum. So, you can have different choices to consider. You can choose the same as well as a different band for your fiancé to complement his/her style. Some bands have multiple colors in a single metal setting. You can also seek brands that encompass two metals together. Selecting the best metal is meant to use the band for a lifetime. You can consider platinum and white gold since these both are sturdy metals.

Look at Stones

Best Selling Unique Wedding Bands for your Fiancé

Your bride-to-be will admire the choice of wedding band if you give some attention to stones. You can select the stones such as rubies, blue stones, sapphires, and diamonds. Bands with beautiful settings of stones come in a variety of styles. For example, you can see a yellow gold band with white and yellow diamonds. There are also prong set diamond bands that you can choose for the big event. You can consider a channel setting for diamond bands if you want glam without any risk of snags.


Find Right Size

The wedding band is an ornament you can prefer to wear daily. Unlike a ring, you can hold the band on your finger for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the best-selling wedding bands online or by visiting the store in person. Always make sure you choose the comfortable one that suits your lifestyle. Furthermore, you must look into the size that fits correctly on your finger. It is better to take your fiancé to the jewelry store to measure the size of his/her ring finger. A jeweler would do this for free, setting you to be prepared when it’s time to get the band.

Coordinate with your Partner

This is the best way to make a beautiful setting for wedding jewelry. It is always good to coordinate with your partner while choosing the jewelry. However, your style and preference match the bands through width, metal, and shape. The two main aspects couples seek to match the setting perfectly are metal and style. Well, it is up to you to make a choice! Hence you can see pairs of rings and bands used together by couples. Or you can see widely different rings and bands.


There are endless varieties of wedding bands that you can choose from. But the major aspect is related to cost and your budget. So, this is an imperative deliberation to take into account. If you want to opt for metal like platinum, then it will cost you more. But you will get a dense and sturdy band for a lifetime. For an affordable option, you can consider white gold metal, a blend of gold and palladium. You can also consider the cost as high if you want to embed a band with diamonds. However, you can seek lab-grown diamonds at affordable prices.


To Sum up

You must follow these important considerations while choosing the wedding band for your fiancé. The list of best-selling wedding bands is long, so the selection could be devastating. Keeping these considerations in mind, you can pick the perfect wedding gift for your soulmate to be. You can discover more options by consulting professional jewelers. Expert guidance can make the task easier that would worthwhile your spending.

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What color shirt matches with blue jeans?




blue jeans?
  • Blue jeans and a white shirt for ideas on outfits for men

We are all familiar with the challenge of finding the right dress for work or a party. Add white shirts to your wardrobe, and you’ll always be ready to go. It is timeless and effortlessly elegant every season without going out of fashion. Men can show off their class with a white shirt and blue jeans when attending an informal work gathering or even a romantic date night. From a chic jacket and leather boots to blue jeans, white shirt guys can look stylish for any occasion.

You’re wrong when you think there are just a handful of choices for a white shirt with blue jeans for males to mix and match. It is important to stretch your imagination, and you’ll find many fashion choices, regardless of your style or preferences. There are many occasions and occasions to choose from. If you’re still confused about what the blue and white shirts could be the perfect investment, keep an eye on them.

White shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes – pure class!

blue jeans?

A look can’t be complete without appropriate shoes; brown shoes are an essential piece of a men’s wardrobe, just like a white shirt. For casual occasions, you can add a little style to your “white blue jeans and brown shoes’ look by removing the button from the shirt. The same shirt, when tucked in, will be the perfect choice for a different and stylish style. Sleeves that are rolled up should be acknowledged because they give the impression of a relaxed attitude. Regarding shoes, brown shoes are a great match with the style of leather Chelsea boots or wide-laced boots.

Blue jeans, white shirt, grey blazer, so stylish!

blue jeans?

A white Oxford shirt, a must-have, can be worn in almost every fashion. The best part is that anyone may utilize it. Wear blue jeans, a white shirt, and a blazer to spice up this outfit. Jackets or blazers are ideal for colder climates. They also make an alternative to formal attire when blue jeans, a white shirt, and a grey blazer go together.


Blue jeans and white shirt woman outfit ideas

We are confident that you could plan your entire summer getaway around a classic white t-shirt and blue jeans outfit. It’s always more enjoyable. Wear trendy jeans or shorts with comfy sandals or loafers to casual outings. You can pick from various sleeve lengths to pair with slim or tailored jeans. Make your choice depending on your outfit and the conditions. A striking but light necklace, when worn with a buttoned white shirt, Blue jeans, for ladies, can give an elegant look as opposed to the party style you can achieve when paired with the tiger heels in a print and a loose-fitting shirt.

White shirt, blue jeans, white shoes, the classic casual style

blue jeans?

Like jewelry and other accessories, shoes can also give a different style to you. You may have encountered the issue of choosing white blue jeans and which colors of shoes would best match. In general, white blue jeans with white shoes are an easy choice for casual occasions. It is possible to choose a white shoe for a more comfortable stroll or a brown or tan colored pencil heels or platform to create a formal or semi-formal outfit.

Blue jeans, a white shirt, black blazer are the most sought-after style.

blue jeans?

There’s nothing better than all-white blue jeans and a black blazer suit, depending on the conditions. It’s advisable to couple the dark-colored blazer with jeans and a white shirt, where the shirt is simple, lightly printed, or striped. Certainly, one of the most popular ideas for a black blazer, blue jeans, and a white shirt is wearing black jeans and blue shoes with a fashionable black cross-body bag.


A neutral white checked shirt and white jeans look like a classic casual style to wear. The pattern and print on the shirt will give you a better idea of what to pick. Dark jeans create a slimmer appearance, and dark blue or black are popular options. If you’d like to be noticed, add high-rise boots with black and blue jeans with white.

A white t-shirt and blue jeans- the perfect combination

Jeans can be worn in various ways to keep up with fashions. Different styles may be in vogue, but you can always explore a new style, including jeans. It is possible to pick any color, and you’ll never be wrong; however, white t-shirts and blue jeans are always a perfect match. To create a sportier style:

Wear a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and blue or black Joggers.

For an elegant look, opt for shoes with plimsolls.

If you want to dress for a party, put on a fashionable cardigan necklace and high-heeled shoes, but when looking for a casual and easy outdoor activity, wear a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a simple dark cap.


Wearing a white shirt or t-shirt or dark or light jeans looks stunning. The shirt’s print and design will provide you with a better idea of what one to pick.

Ideas for men’s outfits

blue jeans?

For a great suggestion for men, consider adding fashionable items to the outfits, such as a watch or a comfy pair of shoes to improve your look. Be creative, and don’t forget to wear stylish sunglasses for sunny days and an insulated blazer for colder days. Go for the traditional white shirt with jeans style. Pay attention to the aspects like patterns, designs that give a sharp appearance, and a slim but casual look.

Ideas for women’s outfits

blue jeans?

In terms of women’s outfits, there’s no limit. You can wear a white t-shirt with dark or light jeans. Blazers provide a more elegant style to the outfit. Therefore the style of a blazer needs to be chosen with care. Slim jeans will aid in achieving an attractive silhouette when worn with a blazer that is fitted.


Following this post, we will be sure that you understand how timeless the white shirt and blue jeans combination is and how it works well with every occasion. So you have a great knowledge of the blue jeans and white shirt outfit, try different combinations, and never stop experimenting!

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Choose the best military haircut for your child, and always Make Sure He’s In Fashion.




In the military, you must show some self-control and be confident in the same breath. These traits are evident in every military haircut, and there are plenty of different styles you’d like to test with your children to give them the same feeling.

Most military haircuts tend to be shorter, making them very simple to manage and style. The length is typically limited to a couple of inches.

Even with the basic appearance of different tight and high hairstyles, they are the perfect choice for young people, and parents are often tempted to choose these styles to help keep the flurry from affecting their children’s hair or caring for their hair.


To ensure you get the perfect military haircut for your child and are delighted with it, You’re better off taking a photo that you could show the barber. Inform them that you’d like the same cut to ensure that there’s no confusion.

The Top Military Haircuts for Children

If you’ve always been fascinated by army haircuts, You’ll know that they can be styled in many different ways.

There are plenty of different haircut styles that you can choose from, and you should ensure that you select the best one for your child. We’ve provided some options you might want to think about for your baby.


Burr Cut’

If you’re trying to find something that will go close to balding but does not cut on the skin, a burr cut is the best option for you.

Most of the hair left behind is approximately 1/8th of an inch in length. It is easily achieved by using a practical clipper.

For the best outcomes, ensure that you take your child to a barbershop for the best-quality, well-structured result.


Crew Cut

It’s a simple hairstyle that is considered relatively conventional compared to other haircuts for soldiers in the present.

The hairstyle is about trimming your child’s hair down to about a couple of inches and ensuring that the frontal part is longer than you can style while brushing the hair.

The strands running along the sides and back should not be too short. They should be tapered only if you want to do this, giving some form to the final cut.


Regulations Cut

Another excellent military haircut is the perfect choice for children constantly in awe of the military. This is perhaps the oldest haircut for military men, and it can be done with hair that is a bit longer too.

The style requires only a little trimming. The hair on the top resulted in the appearance of a side-parted tone, revealing an extremely sharp line that starts at the front and continues through to the back. A slight tapering must be applied to the hair on the sides and back to get an elegant look.

The majority of the time, barbers employ scissors to cut hair instead of using a clipper to ensure proper tapering of the sides and back for a perfect appearance.


Flat Top Haircut

It’s a good choice for children with straight hair since the end product shows flat hair at the top. Most of the time, the hair on the top is cut to a minimum length. Then, it is trimmed to ensure that it doesn’t lose shape when brushed.

To emphasize the flat top, the hair along the sides and back is cut short, creating a light effect. However, it’s up to your personal preferences. Naturally that at the end of all, it’s your that decides the kind of style you prefer to achieve.

Fade Haircut

While a faded hairstyle can be styled in many different ways, the version specifically suited to the army is always styled in the same way every day.


In this style, the hair left on top will never exceed a few inches, while the sides are cut to the shortest length.

This particular style is suitable for a range of hairstyles, and the result is always stylish when a professional stylist has created it.

In addition, the choice of a fade is equally essential in this case, as you can pick between an everyday fade or a low fade and a high fade cut. Make sure to select a haircut that helps the appearance of everything in proportion.


Induction Haircut

If you’re looking to give your child the experience of being a recruit, this is the most appropriate hairstyle you could choose. This haircut is handed out to recruits on the very beginning day of their training.

The name is fitting since the haircut is handed out nearly in a line of every cadet who is inducted into boot camp’s opening day.

It is straightforward to attain too. This is a different military haircut that is close to a hair-less haircut. An electric clipper is utilized with no guard to create the perfect haircut.


In the end, a stubble-like texture is achieved. They are doing this to speedily shave off the hair, so they don’t need to go through the lengthy steps necessary for smooth shaving. It might not look appealing for some, but it is still doing its job well.

Longer Buzz Cut

You’ve got the buzz cut you have seen above, but what when you don’t wish to cut it that short with your hair’s length? A slight lengthier buzz cut will work.

This style uses hair clippers that leave the hair strands longer than those cut with burr. If you’re looking for a full buzzcut style, these are often known as the birch and are made using more clipper settings.


If you opt for something between the ages of 3 to 5, it will not be the same birch cut. Therefore, you must choose what kind of Buzzcut is the one you’ll offer to your child.

High and Tight

The high and tight cut is quite well-known in the field of haircuts for military personnel, and it’s widespread. It is a standard clipper style with guards on the sides while leaving the hair in the top, which is almost 1 inch long.

There’s no gentle tampering that is done on the sides of the top. It’s a rare haircut that looks great when worn by the perfect person. However, it could be a risky option when you cannot get an ideal cut after your day.


Dramatic Cut

There are many times about the cut hairstyles, but this is genuinely striking. This one’s hair on the top isn’t long enough to qualify as a military hairstyle.

It does have a beautiful style. The hair around the sides is cut carefully, and the top part is neat enough too. Naturally, you don’t require more than this.

Messy Ivy League

Although it might not be as common as hairstyles for soldiers, this neat and straightforward Ivy League hairstyle follows all military haircuts standards. It is an excellent option for your child on any day.


It’s a classic look to create and comes with a distinct design sure to please.

Short on top and tapered Sides

The cut is shorter at the top but gets more straightforward as you move toward the sides. It’s a basic haircut that uses taper and gives a sharp and striking look.

Side-swept Haircut Featuring Shaved Haircuts



In terms of the super-short cuts, you could always choose a side-swept amount to the top. Combine your shaved gash to the sides, and it’ll bring a little more elegance to your child’s haircut.

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

A different variation of the usual buzz cut, you can alter the sides any way you want. This time, choose a standard buzz cut style and fade the sides to the skin to create an attractive manner.

Long & High With Length at The Top

This style is high and tight. It differs from the technique mentioned above because it has an over-the-top length. It is ideal for kids with straight hair, and the natural texture added to the hair on top performs the task beautifully.


High Taper Fade

If you’re looking to cut him in a fade, however, you’d like something different from the standard fade, you can try this variant and add taper along the sides.

Start at the top on the sides, and ensure you have a perfectly tapered one. A little length on top could work quite well.

Selecting the best military haircut for your child will always be the paramount consideration. You can choose from a myriad of available styles of hair, and it’s just to make the right choice.


If you’re competent to do this, you’ll surely help your child take advantage of summer more than ever before, with confidence evident in his appearance and doing everything he can. Get to work today and create the perfect choice for your child!

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